27 March 2008

pakistani supreme court justices released from house arrest...

at long last pakistan's chief justice iftikhar mohammed chaudhry and other justices were released from house arrest by pakistan’s new prime minister, yousaf raza gilani...they had been detained in november 2007 by pesident pervez musharraf...larry cox, the executive director of amnesty international usa released the following statement earlier this week...

“Amnesty International is pleased to hear that the new prime minister, upon his swearing in, released Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and other judges from house arrest. Today’s release is the first step in healing Pakistan’s wounds from President Pervez Musharraf’s suspension of fundamental rights. Now the new government must immediately stay true to its promise that these senior justices are immediately reinstated to the court. The Bush administration must also strongly encourage Prime Minister Gilani and his new government to restore the justices without delay. Prime Minister Gilani has a major opportunity to exert his leadership and provide his nation hope that human rights, the constitution and the judiciary are never again viewed as dispensable and at the beck and call of those in power.”

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