22 May 2008

artists support human rights (but not the unrolling stones)...

the cure, like myself, seem to have been around forever...but unlike the rolling stones for example they're still alive (sorry, couldn't resist)...and unlike the stopped-dead stones they have lied beyond themselves in the real world where we are part of a large human family...
here's what robert smith of the cure had to say about doing something beyond himself and making their musical livelihood matter:

"Prior to heading out on our Curiosa Festival Tour in 2004, we joined Amnesty International in calling for the release of prisoner Yury Bandazhevsky. We asked you to help by signing a petition on his behalf online and at our concerts. Thousands of signatures and less than a year later, we received the welcome news that he had been released!

We are about to head out on the European leg of our 4Tour, and are once again joining Amnesty International to call for the release of a prisoner of conscience. Ma Khin Khin Leh is in jail right now for doing something we all do at each and every Cure concert - she has been denied the basic human right of Freedom of Assembly. We hope you will all once again give your support by signing another petition at our shows and online."

join robert smith today and sign a petition for ma khin khin leh...
view the cure's 4tour schedule

peace out <3

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