15 July 2008

thanks for taking action to put human rights at the core of u.s. – mexico relations...

thanks in large part to the overwhelming number of people like you who took action i am happy to report that human rights protections were included in congress' first installment of the merida initiative...

u.s. funding to mexico and central america to help fight drug cartels and organized crime was signed into law by president bush last week and the most significant debate about the aid package was the human rights component...

while some in the u.s. and mexico advocated to completely strip the aid package of human rights safeguards your voices were heard and the final legislation requires that 15 percent of the total funds for the mexican military and police forces may be made available only after certain human rights conditions have been met...these conditions include:
  • civilian judicial officials are investigating and prosecuting members of the federal police and military forces who violate human rights
  • testimony obtained through torture is not used in the justice system
  • mexican human rights and civil society organizations are being consulted with by the mexican government on the implementation of the merida initiative
  • improved police accountability and transparency
thanks for playing a part in this victory for human rights...amnesty international will continue to monitor the situation in mexico including the implementation of the merida initiative...stay informed by visiting regularly and continue to take action for human rights!

peace out <3

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