14 October 2008

satellite images reveal civilian victims...

"We were just civilians. They must have made a mistake--why else would they bomb us?"
—A man from Karbi, South Ossetia, describing the bombing of his village —

the evidence is clear...new images released today by amnesty international usa reveal that all parties to the conflict between georgia and russia committed serious human rights violations...

photographs from satellites and amnesty international missions to the conflict zone reveal indiscriminate attacks against civilians, extensive looting, and damage to property of ethnic georgians...

only a full investigation can bring accountability for the perpetrators and justice for the victims...

protect civilians affected by the georgia-russia conflict
slideshow of images from the ground

more on georgia and the satellite images

peace out <3

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geovani said...

The damage shown in the ethnic Georgian villages is massive and concentrated. In Tamarasheni, UNOSAT’s experts counted a total of 177 buildings destroyed or severely damaged, accounting for almost all of the buildings in the town. In Kvemo Achabeti, there are 87 destroyed and 28 severely damaged buildings (115 total); in Zemo Achabeti, 56 destroyed and 21 severely damaged buildings (77 total); in Kurta, 123 destroyed and 21 severely damaged buildings (144 total); in Kekhvi, 109 destroyed and 44 severely damaged buildings (153 total); in Kemerti, 58 destroyed and 20 severely damaged buildings (78 total); and in Dzartsemi, 29 destroyed and 10 severely damaged buildings (39 total).

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