24 November 2008

obama's 100 day challenge...

talk of change is good...sunday a week ago, president-elect obama stated in an interview on cbs that he will follow through with his commitment to close Guantanamo...

in the hope of turning words into actions, amnesty international is calling on president-elect barack obama to take concrete steps in his first 100 days in office...this means:

  • announce a plan and date to close guantánamo
  • issue an executive order to ban torture
  • ensure that an independent commission to investigate abuses committed by the u.s. government in its "war on terror" is set up

taking these steps would send a clear message to the rest of the world that, once again, the u.s. will be a leader for human rights...

call on obama to demonstrate a commitment to human rights in his first 100 days
visit this blog to read zeke johnson's "3 steps for president obama

peace out <3

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