27 August 2006

amnesty international works!!! - case in point 1...

sometimes people say, "sure we write letters or sign your petitions but so what?"

... and that's a legitimate question...people want to be effective, successful, make a difference...

so do we - and we do!

here's a case in point ... this blog will feature human rights successes as part of its micro-mission...

peace out <3>

Prisoner of Conscience "Very Grateful" to Urgent Action \

Hojjatoleslam Ezimi Qedimi. (c) Private "I am very grateful for the campaign which Amnesty started for my sake. I heard about the action while I was imprisoned. After I was released I saw letters while I was being interrogated by the security service. Your letters meant very much to me."

Iran: Hojjatoleslam Ezimi Qedimi was returned to prison on March 26, 2006 after an appeal against a one-year prison sentence was rejected on February 20, 2006 by Branch 2 of the Special Court for the Clergy. If charged, Hojjatoleslam Ezimi Qedimi could be a prisoner of conscience, held solely on account of his peaceful beliefs and activities on behalf of the Azeri Turk community in Iran. 2006-05-04

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