31 August 2006

think globally, act locally --- globally...

cool phrase that - think globally, act locally...

but think about it - what would it be like to complete that loop??? to act locally with a global impact???

that would be amnesty international!!!

cool huh???

here's a great example... check it out...

Amnesty's Global CEASEFIRE Vigil

On Monday, August 7th Amnesty International groups around the world held vigils to to call for an immediate and effective ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hizbullah, to show solidarity with victims and survivors on both sides of the conflict, and to demand that all governments stop transferring arms to all parties to the conflict.

Over 50 vigils took place in the United States in cities and towns as diverse as Peoria, IL, Cookesville, TN, Duluth, MN, San Francisco, Washington, DC and many others, generating more than 30 media stories and over 140 mentions by local news anchors. See the pictures. »

But despite the good results, there is much more that needs to be done:

Sign our online petition to Secretary Rice calling for a ceasefire.
Download our petition to gather signatures in your community.
Call on the Israeli government to allow humanitarian aid into besieged villages.

peace out <3

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