03 October 2006

17 year old kortney hartz rocks the world...

organizing is not only about nuts and bolts but its also about inspiration and motivation...and its about engaging people while they are still young enough to teach those of us who already "know," whattup... so here's some irie words from a a "long-time" human rights activist in nyc...

Resist and Desist

Kortney Hartz,
Senior at Elisabeth Irwin High School

Sudan, Iran, Uganda, Rwanda, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil
All within the vicinity of hate,
Two miles away from the tag line
Never Again.
And men take the bait of humanity's
Degeneration kept in a mason jar at the bedside
Of exploited power.
And those hippies replacing bullets for flowers
Aren't Americans
Because they don't understand how we win.
So, cut off your long hair and replace it with this hardware
Created by politicians that glorify silence through blood-encrusted reverence.
Who forgot about the whips and the colonization of our
Mother Country,
They took the slave-ship and called it a yacht
Bought and sold oppression without a mention to the
Livelihood of humanity.
So I get down on my knees for the Sudanese
who are waiting for the pressure of atrocity to implode the measure of guilt we all
supposedly feel.
Note that in my anger I can only speak for my weak soul
That can't bear the excursions that justice likes to take in times of need.
So put one hand over your heart and repeat after me
Resist and Desist Injustice.

peace out <3

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