10 October 2006

World Day Against the Death Penalty...

On October 10th, an international coalition of like-minded associations is joining together in an effort to abolish the death penalty worldwide. This year 53 human rights organizations, bar associations, trade unions, and local and regional authorities are promoting the theme of the death penalty being an egregious failure of justice. The five critical aspects being highlighted are child offenders, discrimination of foreign nationals, unfair trials, mental illness, and innocence. Last year, the World Day resulted in some 263 initiatives throughout the world in 46 countries.
Act Now!

China – executes innocent people then sells their organs »
Iran – executes child offenders »
Saudi Arabia – executes foreign nationals after unfair trials »See our Ramadan actions »
United States – executes the mentally-ill »
Nigeria – executes defendants without legal representation »

Amnesty International works of the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. Two thirds of the countries in the world – 129 – have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. In 2005, only 22 countries carried out executions. 94% of the 2,148 executions documented by Amnesty International took place in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Hundreds of events, debates, concerts, press conferences, radio interviews, exhibitions and plays will be organized around the world to condemn the death penalty. Mark the date to bring the message to the world: the death penalty is not justice.

Further information on the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty is available on their website at http://www.worldcoalition.org/ or email coalition@abolition.fr

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