01 December 2006

a letter on world aids day...support hr 5674

i received this letter to take action on world aids day ... and i did ... you should too!

Dear Randy,

In commemoration of World AIDS Day this year, call on your Representative to support the Protection Against Transmission of HIV for Women and Youth Act of 2006 (HR 5674).

This legislation can help to address specific factors that leave women and girls at an increased risk of HIV infection - including sexual violence, economic disempowerment, and lack of access to information on HIV prevention.

Amnesty International believes that human rights-based policies should be at the center of all responses to HIV and AIDS, and that gender-specific strategies to address the particular vulnerabilities of women and girls are essential to effectively combat HIV and AIDS worldwide.

Sending best wishes,

Vienna Coluccion
on behalf of AIUSA's HIV and AIDS project

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