03 March 2007


When descriptions of resolutions put before the Senate include "symbolic" and "non-binding" you know something isn't right. Now should be a time for decisive action to counteract the "decisive action" that got us into this messy war in the first place. Instead of the strong progressive Congress we thought we voted into office, we are getting a much more cautious government. We don't need or want to tiptoe around the President. We do not need or want a Vice President who is so quick to accuse those with dissenting opinions of aiding the terrorists. We do not need or want an expansion into bordering countries.

What we do want is a concrete strategy for ending the war. Period. We want health care. We want an end to dependence on foreign oil and non renewable resources. We want the government out of the bed of big business. We want fair immigration reform. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask Congress to do what we voted them into office to do?

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