16 February 2008

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article 26

January/February 2008

Voice from the Field

Dear Fellow Human Rights Educators,

We often ask ourselves what is the place for HRE within the K-12 curriculum? No discussion of such curricular issues would be valid without recognizing the role played by state and national standards (and their subsequent assessments). With the introduction of the standards debate over the last 20 years, we have seen a variety of positive and negative changes in what (and how) we teach. Accountability (a positive) is matched with paranoia and over-testing (a definite negative). Consistency of instruction is matched with a limitation of experimentation. Accountability is laudable in concept. That is, until it morphs into 'teaching to the test'. Insuring that each of our graduates gets the same education is countered with a diminution of content...more »


Reebok Fellowship
Human Rights Summer Fellowship opportunity!

The Reebok Human Rights Summer Fellowship offers students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of human rights. AIUSA is recruiting students aged 18 - 25 to spend summer 2008 working with organizations connected to Reebok Human Rights award winners or AIUSA. Postings are in the United States and abroad more »

War Dance

The HRE program is proud to be working with the film War Dance, the academy-award nominated film about children living in a displacement camp in Northern Uganda and their journey to the National Music and Dance competition. All too often the images we see of children caught in conflict are those, understandably, of lose, of hopelessness, of pain and fear. War Dance reminds us that children are resilient and that children find pleasure and joy in simple things despite of what else is going on more »


Curriculum for Change

On Friday April 25th 2008, Amnesty International is pleased to present Curriculum for Change, a one-day seminar designed for educators from school and community-based learning groups. The Human Rights Education Program of Amnesty International USA, is honored to invite you to this unique opportunity more »

NEA Members
Magna Carta Conference, April 14-18, 2008

The National Education Association (NEA) and the United Kingdom's National Union of Teachers (NUT) are planning a joint conference for teachers, focusing on civil liberties, human rights and freedom. NEA and NUT are eager to draw on the expertise and experience of our successful professional development programs and want to work together to build on this conference more »

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