14 September 2006

global day for darfur...

if you think that because the international community has yet to stop the events in darfur from replicating the tragedy in rwanda you should chill out -

Sunday, September 17th is Global Day for Darfur -
a day of rallies around the country and world, including a major rally in New York City to coincide with the convening of the 61st General Assembly of the United Nations, to urge immediate international action for Darfur.

Save Darfur Rally & Musical Performances by:
Big & Rich ** O.A.R ** Lupe Fiasco
Sunday, September 17th 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
the flyer for this event (PDF).
a powerful hour-long documentary, at
2102 Belcourt Ave, Nashville.
Klint Alexander, an attorney specializing in international law, will speak briefly on what's preventing international action at this time and why action is justified.

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