11 September 2006

on-line discussion friday: brutal killing of women in guatemala...

human rights (and women's) organizer samantha mathis shares this with us:

"Last year, while visiting Guatemala I learned of an appalling reality; women walk the streets with fear that they could at any moment be abducted and killed. According to the Guatemalan National Civilian Police (PNC) the number of women killed has risen steeply from 303 in 2001 to 665 in 2005. Exceptional cruelty and sexual violence characterize many of the killings. Some of the victims had their throats cut, were beaten, shot or stabbed to death. Many of their bodies show signs of rape, torture, mutilation or dismemberment."

i was there 11 years ago for a month but naively thought things had improved ... naive at 48 - busted!...

This is a human rights scandal that must be addressed immediately.

and i concur completely with samantha...so what's your first step???
join amnesty international for an online discussion on friday september 15, with hilda morales, renowned guatemalan lawyer and advocate for families of the victims of femicide....check out what the challenges have been for advocates like hilda and family members of the victims, what the guatemalan government's response has been and why these killings are on the rise. please submit questions by wednesday september 13...

peace out <3

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