23 January 2007

demand the relese of mesfin woldemariam...

seventy-six year old retired geography professor and prominent human rights defender, mesfin woldemariam, is being detained under harsh conditions and suffers from pneumonia...he is being held in connection with demonstrations against alleged election fraud in ethiopia...


Please send politely worded letters to Ethiopia's Prime Minister, urging him to bring about the immediate and unconditional release of Mesfin Woldemariam and all those imprisoned solely for the legitimate exercise of their right to freedom of expression. Encourage him to take measures to ensure that human rights defenders, opposition political parties, and independent journalists are free to carry out their activities without arbitrary detention or other reprisals.

Write to:

His Excellency
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Office of the Prime Minister
PO Box 1031
Addis Ababa

Fax: 011-251-11-552020
Airmail postage: 84 cents

You can use our sample letter as a guide (PDF MS Word), but please be encouraged to add your own thoughts.

peace out <3

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