16 July 2007

israel/hizbullah war casualties await justice...

it is always civilians who suffer the brunt of war...it is why although amnesty international takes no formal anti-war positions - it is a matter of the intersection of international law and national sovereignty - it is concerned with whether or not a nation or military force conducts itself within the guidelines of international law...more often than not civilians pay the price for illegal actions during wartime...

a year on from the 34-day war between hizbullah and israel, its many casualties are still awaiting justice...since last summer, there have been no steps to prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes and other grave human rights violations during the conflict...

amnesty international published its findings on war crimes committed by both sides - only to be faced with a clear unwillingness to investigate the violations by all concerned parties...it has called on the u.n. to establish an independent inquiry, but the international community has lacked the political will to make this happen...warned malcolm smart, director of amnesty international's middle east and north africa programme,

"Without a full, impartial UN-led inquiry - that includes provision for reparations to the victims - there is a real danger of history repeating itself."

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