02 July 2007

you matter - you make the difference in respecting the human rights of others...

i received this letter from amnesty international usa executive director larry cox and wanted to pass it on to you...if you didn't get one but are reading this well you deserved it as well - so T-H-A-N-K -- Y-O-U!!!

Dear Randy,

I want to thank you for participating in a historic mobilization this week in Washington, D.C. and around the country to restore law and justice. Thousands of you came to Washington, D.C. on buses and many more visited their lawmakers district offices, sent letters and called in your concerns about U.S. human rights violations in the name of national security. You made a strong commitment to restore the America you believe in, and your message is being heard. As a result...
  • In recent weeks, the Senate Judiciary committee has voted a bill out of committee that would restore habeas corpus to people in US custody that the President has designated “enemy combatants.”
  • The House has held its first hearing on the issue of habeas corpus, and legislation to restore this fundamental right is gaining support as we speak.
  • Both the administration and the Congress are engaging in discussions not on whether to close Guantanamo, but how to do it.

We are at a turning point in the struggle to reclaim this nation’s reputation as one that leads the world on human rights. In the coming weeks and months, Congress will be debating and voting on these issues on the House and Senate floor.

With your help, we have gotten the ball rolling, and we will need your continued support to ensure that Congress follows through on restoring habeas corpus and ultimately closing Guantanamo. When those moments arise, we will be asking you to write, call or visit your legislators and encourage them to do the right thing.

Together, we can turn this country around.


Larry Cox
Executive Director
International USA

peace out y'all <3

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