11 August 2007

overcoming the obstacles: human rights activists in guatemala and honduras part 3...

it's kinda' like a journey you're asked to take when you read blog entries in multiple parts and you might ask, "where is it you're taking me,"...

well, first we shared with you the broad issues faced by human rights defenders in guatemala and honduras and then personalized the situation by offering a day-in-the-life diary entry from one brave defender...

and now we're asking you to take a moment and take action...because your letters, your collective of letters written by individuals like you, make a difference:

"I am really happy especially because I am in a room looking at the faces of the people that saved my life. I am the one that is here thanking you for being Amnesty International, because what you did with your Urgent Actions, what you did to put pressure on my government to beat organized crime. Thank you so much."
– Lydia Cacho Ribeiro at the Amnesty International USA 2007
Annual General Meeting in Milwaukee

so make a difference in guatemala and honduras...write to the presidents to demand that human rights activists can work safely and freely:

Dear President,

I am extremely concerned that killings, threats, attacks and acts of intimidation against human rights defenders continue to take place in Guatemala and Honduras.

The lack of progress in identifying those responsible and bringing them to justice perpetuates impunity and further attacks on human rights defenders. I therefore urge you to:

• protect activists by implementing comprehensive protection measures
• prevent, investigate and punish abuses, including harassment of activists
• publicly denounce abuses that undermine human rights work and compromise the security of activists

Yours Sincerely,
you can copy and paste this sample letter into an e-mail or a document to print out...if you are planning to write your own appeal please read our letter writing guide...

please send appeals to:

Manuel Zelaya
Presidente de la República de Honduras
Casa Presidencial
Boulevard Juan Pablo Segundo
Palacio José Cecilio del Valle
Fax: +504 2214552
and to...

Licenciado Oscar Berger Perdomo
Presidente de la República de Guatemala
Casa Presidencial
6 a. Avenida, 4-18 zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala
Fax: +502 2221 4423, +502 2238 3579, +502 2383 8390

peace out <3

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