29 August 2007

rock for human rights: the cure wants you on their guest list!!!

the cure have graciously given a pair of tickets from their own allocation (and meet and greet passes where applicable) to amnesty international to auction for each date on their upcoming world tour...this auction will include both u.s. and non u.s. dates...the auction will consist of several rounds...each round will begin on a friday at 9pm est and will last 10 days...
  • first round: (dates from the far east /australasian leg of the tour): closed
  • second round: september dates from u.s./canadian leg of tour): closed
  • third round: (october dates from u.s./canadian leg of tour): begins friday, august 3 at 9pm
  • fourth round: more tour dates for auction will follow when/if additional dates are confirmed
amnesty international is pleased to announce that for the u.s./canadian leg of the tour the cure has confirmed that the seat locations will all be in rows 1-5 of the orchestra floor section...no hard tickets will be mailed, your name will be on a guest list that will be at will call the day of the show once doors open...both you and your guest must bring government issued, photo i.d. to enter the event. ..this auction does not include transportation or lodging...
so for just this day i'm all cure all the time!!!

peace out <3

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