21 November 2007

the international part of amnesty lives and breathes right here in nashvegas!

recently five of us from nashville attended the southern regional conference of amnesty international held at the university of miami...this is a journal posting that one of those people, rosa from espana, shared with group member and now i'm sharing it with the world...

peace out <3

Thanks Diba for sharing your experience. Going to the regional conference was a wonderful experience for me also. I don’t want to take much more of your time so let me just point four things that made a big impact on me.

Meeting the staff of the Southern Regional Office of Amnesty International

They really are amazing. They had thought of every small detail. Always with a smile and willing to help and even making us laugh… but also making sure that resources were not wasted. Just by meeting them those few days I could see how much of their lives they put into fighting for human rights. Definitely we have to be very proud and happy to have them…

Meeting other people that make the protection of human rights something important in their lives. Writing letters at home, signing online petitions or organizing events here in Nashville, we might feel that we are just a few caring about human rights. But I could see at the conference that we definitely are not alone. We are quite a lot!

So every time I sign a letter or a petition, it is easier to imagine now other people around the country and around the world doing the same things and more…

The workshops I went were: “You, me, Amnesty, Diversity”, “Islamophobia and the War on Terror”, “Death Penalty 101”, “Investing in Human Rights in Sudan” and “AI Policy Discussion”. I learned a lot in all of them. Please ask me if you have any specific questions about them.

I particularly liked the one about Death Penalty. We discussed arguments that people use to support death penalty. Sometimes it is hard to argue against these arguments, but I feel much more prepared after the workshop. For instance, I did not know that death penalty is much more costly than life without parole, and that the length of the death penalty process makes the families of the victims suffer a lot also.

It was wonderful to spend time with the people of our group in Nashville. I hope that more of you can come next year to Memphis!!!

There are many things that we can do this year: human rights party in December, screenings of movies, tabling at events, get more people to join us, write-a-thon, …

And of course, stop death penalty in Tennessee! Trust me, Rosanne (our State Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator) is able of this and much more :-), so let’s be there for what she ever she needs.


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