09 November 2007

this letter from gitmo ask us to help end unfair trials and close guantánamo...

i received this note from my colleague jumana musa who is the advocacy director for domestic human rights and international justice at amnesty international usa and wanted to pass it on to you and ask for your support in closing down gitmo...

I am writing to you again from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. I am here to observe more pre-trial proceedings in the case of Omar Khadr, the Canadian citizen who was fifteen years old at the time of his capture. This is the third time that the US Government has attempted to bring charges against Khadr.

The first time he was charged, the Supreme Court threw out the entire Commissions process. The second time he was charged, a military judge threw out the charges, stating that the Commissions did not have jurisdiction over Khadr.

Why am I here again to witness another attempt at pre-trial proceedings in this case? Perhaps the US Government thinks the third time is a charm. Most likely, they are not willing to admit that their entire system is a failure, along with the questionable legal regime that they have attempted to create in Guantánamo.

What can you do about it? You can help tear down Guantánamo, one pixel at a time, by signing the pledge. If you have already signed it, you can send it to your friends, or even add it to your MySpace page. Help us gather the signatures we need to let the President know that Guantánamo has got to go.

By closing Guantánamo, we can put an end to unfair trial proceedings like the one that Omar Khadr is being subjected to. We can end the policy of indefinite detentions that prevents people from accessing independent courts. We can remove the most visible manifestation of the human rights violations that the US continues to perpetuate in the name of "security." We can counter terror with justice.

On January 11, we will present the petitions to the White House, while thousands demonstrate around the country -- and around the world -- calling for the prison's closure. Do your part - sign the pledge and pass it on.

Together, we can close Guantánamo once and for all.
peace out <3

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