13 November 2007

web based repression and collusion: a half-hearted apology from yahoo! is not enough...

after you read this i have only one question: is google any better at protecting your private information than yahoo???

chinese journalist shi tao used his yahoo! email account to send a message to a u.s.-based pro-democracy website...authorities then used email account holder information supplied by yahoo! to sentence shi tao to 10 years in prison...

last week, ceo jerry yang was called before congress to explain yahoo!'s action...the house foreign affairs committee chairman, tom lantos, rebuked yang saying,

"While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies."
yahoo! publicly stated its commitment to develop a global code of conduct for operating in repressive countries around the world, including china...but yahoo!'s actions tell another story: the company recently signing another pledge to voluntarily censor in china and reportedly misled congress about what it knew about shi tao...

so, do you support democracy or fascist-like repression???

peace out <3

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