16 February 2007

The Future

The European Parliament has issued a report accusing Britain, Germany and Italy, among others, of turning a completely blind eye to secret CIA flights used to perform kidnappings and extraordinary renditions of suspected terrorists. This comes close after a move by Germany to prosecute 2 CIA agents accused of kidnapping Khaled el-Masri, a GERMAN citizen suspected of terrorism and later exonerated due to a case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY. And that follows closely after worldwide condemnation of military prisons like Abu Ghraib.

The increasingly hostile attitude towards Bush's foreign "policy" from former European allies, or sympathizers at the very least, begs the question- "How long does the United States remain in a position of power to demand key human rights changes from countries like China, while continuing to s*#@ all over the Geneva Convention?"

The answer: "We'll see..."

I am not one of those people who is just waiting for the USA to "get what's coming to it." I am under no delusion about who will suffer the consequences of Bush's dangerous and inflammatory actions abroad. It most likely will not be the people responsible for our country's current path. They have the money and resources to flee. It will be my mother and father who suffers. It will be your brothers and sisters and children. It will be you and me. So as the average people, we need to stop and take notice of what is happening to worldwide opinion and redirect it before it is too late. GET INVOLVED.

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