10 May 2007

10,000 crane birds for freedom of expression in belarus...

no doubt i am an american kid at heart...i mean when i hear belarus i immediately think i am the walrus koo koo ka choo...for no apparent other than off centered alliterative reason...

but i digress...let's make some noise

a legend says that if you fold 1,000 origami crane birds, your wish will be granted...origami cranes have come to symbolise peace after the second world war...the wish today of hundreds of thousands of amnesty international activists including myself is for belarus to restore freedom of expression and proceed with the immediate and unconditional release of all those who are detained for the legitimate and peaceful expression of their views...

our appeal is in particular for the release of youth opposition leader zmitser dashkevich.... zmitser was sentenced in november 2006 to one and a half years' imprisonment for 'organizing or participating in an activity of an unregistered non-governmental organization', under article 193, part 1 of the criminal code...the article was added to the criminal code in december 2005 as part of a series of amendments that introduced penalties for civil society organizations and other outspoken critics of the government, in the lead-up to the presidential elections in march 2006...

what if everyone who criticized dubya were tossed in the slammer!!!

join make some noise and add your crane to free zmitser dashkevich! ..for your ready made origami print-out and a 'how-to' video, click here...take a picture of your best origami crane(s) and upload it in the form below...make some noise will then put all pictures online and track the progress towards the 10,000 cranes appeal...once your picture has been uploaded, put your crane(s) in an envelope addressed to:

Minister of Internal Affairs
Vladimir V. NAUMOV
ul.Gorodskoi Val 4
220615 Minsk, BELARUS

origami - hehe --

peace out ya'll <3

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