30 May 2007

with love from me to you...

Dear Blog Reader,

Thank you so much for working to create a better world through theswe postings with Amnesty International. Today, I want to share with you how your efforts are saving lives and inspiring change across the globe.

"It was because of [Amnesty] that 10 years became 10 months... Thank you for the work you've done!" - Jennifer Latheef
When Jennifer Latheef, a photojournalist from the Maldives islands near Sri Lanka, was arrested and imprisoned for peaceful protest of political repression and prison deaths, she was given a 10-year jail term for "terrorist" activities. But an intensive letter-writing campaign by Amnesty's Urgent Action Network helped force her captors to improve her treatment and ultimately won her freedom after just 10 months!

"When the situation seemed absolutely desperate and we really felt lonely, we began to receive cards ... We really needed to know we were not alone." -
Oksana Chelysheva
When Oksana Chelysheva was subjected to death threats and systematic government harassment for her work as a journalist reporting on the torture, abduction, and secret detention of civilians by Russian forces in Chechnya, Amnesty called upon its members to rally around her. And you responded with a tremendous outpouring of cards and letters expressing your support.

There are so many more reasons for hope. Amnesty's Urgent Action Network has also secured these recent victories:
  • A court suspended the sentence of acclaimed Russian environmental activist Andrei Zatoka in response to Amnesty's emergency campaign demanding his immediate release. Zatoka's wife was overjoyed upon hearing of his release, exclaiming "We won! Andrei is freed!" Click here to read more.
  • Annadurdy Khadzhiev, a political leader in Turkmenistan's exiled opposition party, was released by Bulgarian officials in February and will not face extradition. Click here to read more.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your continued support of our work. With mounting human rights abuses around the world, we need you now more than ever. As Jennifer Latheef so eloquently observed after her release, "It's empathy that rules the world." Sincerely,Larry CoxExecutive DirectorAmnesty International USAP.S.

Please support Amnesty's Urgent Action Network and help save more lives.

peace out ya'll <3

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