23 May 2007

global webcast: the struggle for freedom of expression in cyberspace...

on june 6th, amnesty international and the observer newspaper will use the internet to link activists from around the world to discuss the struggle against internet repression and to celebrate the irrepressible desire of people for freedom of expression...

the event will include internet gurus, cyber dissidents as well as net activists, writers and journalists, such as:
  • jimmy wales (wikipedia)
  • richard stallman, cory doctorow (boing boing)
  • yu ling (wife on imprisoned cyber- dissident)
  • sami ben gharbia (tunisian dissident)
  • ron deibert (citizen lab)
  • dan gilmor (citizen media)
  • markus beckedahl (network new media)
  • kevin anderson (guardian)
  • sina motalebi (iranian journalist)
  • and you...

wherever you are, you can watch and contribute to the debate live by webcast - simply bookmark this page and click back on june 6th, or sign-up » for amnesty's corporate action network (can) and we'll send you a reminder and direct link to the webcast that day...

listen to bbc journalist clark boyd talking about the event and internet repression...
listen to cory doctorow, from the blog 'boing boing', talk about technology and freedom...
learn more about amnesty's campaign to end internet censorship »

peace out <3

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