17 October 2007

the anniversary of the military commissions act is nothing to celebrate...

it was one year ago today...

yes, one year ago today that congress passed the military commissions act...with it, founding principles of the u.s. constitution were discarded in the name of fighting terror...the act made it lawful to hold prisoners indefinitely without charge or trial, to assume guilt before innocence, to blur the definition of torture, and to use information obtained through brutal treatment as "evidence,"...

this does not represent the america i believe in...does it for you???

86 days separate this now infamous day from another: january 11th marks the anniversary of the first detainee transferred to guantánamo bay...both dates represent all that is wrong with this administration's policies in the "war on terror,"...it's time to "86" the administration's failed policies and restore our nation's reputation as a leader on human rights...

and sing these words from dan fogelberg with me to this u.s. administration:
I can see you in the distance
And you’re heading for a fall
Sinking deeper by the minute
You’re about to lose it all...
You better change
Before the sun goes down
You better leave
Before you are the last in town.
You better raise
Your fortresses or tear them down...
Tear them down.You gotta tear them down.
Tear them down.You better tear them down.
Tear them down!
peace out <3

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