26 June 2008

take action while remembering victims of torture...

today, 26 june, is international day in support of victims of torture, and amnesty international members and supporters are taking action around the world...they are calling on governments to reaffirm their commitment to the consensus affirmed after the second world war - that torture and other ill-treatment are absolutely prohibited...

recently, there has been a new and acute threat to the international prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment in the context of government responses to the threat of terrorism...it is the validity of the absolute prohibition itself that has been challenged by the actions of governments around the world...

what this means in reality is that individuals are subjected to horrific practices. In the context of government counter-terrorism strategies, the human rights group has documented practices such as:

  • beatings, electric shocks, simulated drowning, prolonged isolation and other physical abuse
  • the return of individuals to countries where they are at risk of torture, sometimes on the basis of flimsy “diplomatic assurances”
  • secret detention

i'm asking you to join me in calling on all governments to: condemn all forms of torture and other ill-treatment; prevent torture, including through ending secret and incommunicado detention; and hold to account those responsible for authorising, facilitating, or inflicting torture or other ill-treatment...

today is not a day of passive remembrance my friends, no -- it is one for action: governments and citizens across the world should act to reverse the trend of recent years and eradicate these cruel and inhuman practices...

don’t let torture go unchallenged:

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peace out <3

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