21 September 2007

it's not a good time to be a pro-human rights muslim in morocco...

and with that i claim the title of king of understatement but as you read on please don't confuse me with the moroccan monarchy...

authorities in morocco have jailed members of the moroccan association for human rights (association marocaine des droits humains, amdh) in response to their peaceful advocacy of human rights...seven members of the amdh were arrested after participating in demonstrations on may 1, 2007...five were arrested in ksar el kebir (thami khyati, youssef reggab, oussama ben messaoud, ahmed al kaateb and rabii raïssouni) and two (nmehdi berbouchi and aderrahim krrad) were arrested in agadir...

thami khyati, youssef reggab, oussama ben messaoud, ahmed al kaateb and rabii raïssouni were convicted of "undermining the monarchy," and sentenced to three years' imprisonment and heavy fines...at the trial, they were reportedly not allowed to call defense witnesses...on july 24, 2007, a court of appeal increased their sentence to a total of four years...mehdi berbouchi and abderrahim karrad were also charged with offenses relating to "undermining the monarchy" and sentenced to two years' imprisonment and a heavy fine...

ten other amdh members were arrested in early june in beni ,mellal, after participating in a sit-in of solidarity with the first seven men arrested...out of these ten, three received suspended prison sentences, while one man, mohamed boughrine, was given a one-year prison sentence, which he is currently serving...amnesty international is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the eight imprisoned amdh members, who it considers to be prisoners of conscience...

please send cards of support...if you would like to say,

"We are thinking of you" in french, you may write: "Nous pensons à vous."
write to:
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains (AMDH)
Appt no 1, Immeuble no 6
Rue Akenssous, Avenue Hassan II
Rabat BP 1740
Rabat 10001
fax: 011 212 37 738 851

peace out <3

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