28 September 2007

myanmar authorities step up crackdown on protesters...

the situation in myanmar (burma) continues to worsen with reports emerging of escalating attempts by the authorities to repress ongoing demonstrations...

amnesty international sources in the country report a much harsher crackdown on protesters yesterday...as of yesterday afternoon, monks were no longer visible on the streets of central yangon...but numerous demonstrators, estimated to number around 10,000, continued to defy the military...

soldiers are reported to have ordered crowds to disperse and go home or risk being shot...sporadic warning shots have been fired and there are unconfirmed reports of up to nine fatalities including a japanese photographer killed in yangon...

earlier reports described widespread use of tear gas against demonstrators and hundreds of arrests and beatings...witnesses told amnesty international of soldiers chasing demonstrators, who continue to take to the streets...

demonstrations around the world
slideshow: amnesty international joins protests across the globe

at least three key monasteries have been surrounded and raided by police and military, which seem to be gaining firmer control over the clergy...the shwedagon pagoda in central yangon is said to be under siege by military and police...

large numbers of arrests were made in overnight raids on monasteries in yangon by military and riot police...between 200 and 700 monks were arrested, as well as at least four opposition politicians...

phone lines are increasingly difficult to access, with reports suggesting the government is trying to shut down internet and telephone links to the outside world after a stream of blogs and mobile phone videos began capturing the dramatic events on the streets...

urgent international response critical
amnesty international is deeply concerned at the growing possibility of violence and bloodshed in the country...the human rights organization has called on the international community to act immediately and for the u.n. security council to send an urgent mission to the country...in a letter to the president of the security council, amnesty myanmar...amnesty international has urgently requested all asean countries to use all means at their disposal to influence myanmar to respect the human rights of all its citizens and resolve the current crisis without resorting to further violence...

join the global protest!
amnesty international members across the globe have begun a series of demonstrations outside myanmar’s embassies and high profile public locations calling for the myanmar authorities not to respond with violence and to respect the human right to peaceful protest...you can join a demonstration in your country: your support is urgently needed...some of the following demonstrations organised by or with amnesty international include:
  • Belgium: Saturday 29 September at noon, at "Place De la Liberte"
  • Chile: Thursday 27 September in Santiago at noon
  • Czech Republic: Thursday 27 September and Saturday 29 September in the centre of Prague
  • Hong Kong: Evening of Friday 28 September and Saturday 29 September
  • Ireland: Saturday 29 September at 2pm in Dublin
  • Italy: Afternoon of Friday 28 September in Rome; and Saturday in Milan
  • Japan: Daily in Tokyo
  • Luxembourg: Afternoon of Friday 28 September
  • Malaysia: Morning of Friday 28 September
  • Nepal: Monday 1 October, 2pm, in Kathmandu
  • Norway: Friday 28 September in Oslo
  • Philippines: Daily events
  • Spain: Friday 28 September in Bilbao; Sunday 30 September in Castelldefels, Madrid, Molins de Rey and Tarragona
  • Switzerland: Saturday 29 September, at noon in Geneva
  • Thailand: Morning of Friday 28 September
  • UK: Friday 28 September, at noon in LondonFor more information on these and other

take action!...call on the myanmar authorities to release protesters

peace out <3

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