21 September 2007

The progress of Rwanda happens in small steps

Rwanda has abolished the death penalty.

(let me repeat)

Rwanda has abolished the death penalty!!!!

So as a citizen of the USA I am simultaneously elated for the small steps of progress shown by a country that has seen so much death and corruption, and saddened that my own country continues to engage in a practice that violates a such a fundamental Human Right- the right to life.

Maybe we will see a day when Rwanda and the USA lead the world in Human Rights. It could happen. Small changes lead to big changes.

Until then, as you take action for the most recent prisoners of conscience in Morocco (see entry below) or for those included in the Ramadan Action for Human Rights, remember that the United States continues to allow a classist and racist system of "justice" to proceed. Remember and take action for your own country as well.

Here is the information about Rwanda on Amnesty International's website

"Rwanda abolishes the Death Penalty"

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