22 June 2007

Undeserved Rights?

A story broke recently about an impending decision to close Gitmo and move its unlawful enemy combatants to military prisons elsewhere. Cheney, parts of the Justice Department, and former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld are against the decision, saying it would give "undeserved legal rights" to the prisoners housed there.

Who gets to decide which of us deserves legal rights? Really. Who? The president of a country? Any country could then decide that any person in their borders is an unlawful enemy combatant, undeserving of the right to defend themselves in court. The court helps to determine who is a true enemy, and who is the victim of a horrible mistake. The kind of power that would render people prisoners indefinately, with no access to the evidence against them, no access to the court system under which they are being held and no right to defend themselves MUST BE STOPPED.

Please continue to read below about how you can help put an end to the rampant misuse of power, and redirect the War on Terror to a more useful direction.

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